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Richard Paul Evans

Over 46 New York Times Bestsellers

Richard Paul Evans is a master of true-to-life fiction that captures the harshness of the human condition while evoking tear-jerking hope.  He uses Christian themes of redemption as his characters struggle with faith, purpose, loss and pain--without a single sermon or dogmatic platitude.

From his timeless stand alone Christmas fiction to his timely The Walk series and the Broken Road series, he writes fiction as if it was a true life memoir.  And, probably, a bit of it is.  After all, as he says, "You can tell more truth with fiction."

His immensely popular youth fiction series, Michael Vey *sparks* imagination and empowers readers to look beyond "disabilities" and stereotypes, model healthy relationships and teamwork, while fighting a power-hungry global corporation.  The fight is tense and ugly.  (Flesh-eating rats? Disgusting.)  Can love and hope overcome?  Readers are compelled to find out, with each page-turning volume.

Is that enough success for one man?  He doesn't think so.  Anxious to help people in real and practical ways, he has written non-fiction books to support personal development and inspiration.  He also has a remarkable author training program to share the wisdom he has gained from 30 years in the author/publishing industry.

But his proudest achievement is the foundation he and his wife, Kerri established: Christmas Box House International, whose mission is to give material substance and emotional strength to abused, neglected, and at risk children. 

The most endearing thing about Richard Paul Evans to his fans is his openness and sincerity.  He sees them (us) as his partners and friends.  He is full of genuine gratitude for his supporters who have helped him build a life of purpose.

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