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Sell Your Work

Authors and artists with retail products can sell in person at our weekly events.  No qualification, just bring your goods.  Those who meet sales threshholds on event nights will be able to have shelf space in our permanent retail location.

Email janika@4thelove of to get on the calendar with a simple financial agreement.

Learn a Skill

We are building our online and in person learning offerings.


We integrate arts and media (social, information, and entertainment) with a business focus. The we help you collaborate with other artists to multiply our financial benefits and social impact.

Find Your Audience

Come to our events, be a guest on our podcasts or share your original content (podcasts, video content, and blog articles).  Be part of our growing community

Be an Instructor

Do you have skills, experience, and passion for arts or business? We are building an education community, for children and adults, built on an integrative learning philosophy.  Learn what we do and show us what you can do.

Why Work With Us?

You put your heart into your book.  And there are people who want to read it.  You put your soul into your art, and it deserves to be seen.  Our mission is to give space and opportunity to creators to connect with real world audiences and make a living off of their work. 

You probably already posted your book on that big website.  The internet is a giant place and you are a drop in the sea.  How can you get yourself found? 

Nothing endows legitimacy like tangible objects.  Remember when you got your first box of your own printed books?  You knew then you were really an author.  Or when you were in your first art show?  Likewise, when people see your work on the shelf of a real store they see you in an elevated perspective. 

In a decade of retail experience, Janika has watched people respond to products in the real world.  As a merchandising expert, she knows how to catch the eye of a passerby.  Your work will be highlighted and promoted like no box store or website will do. 

It is a thrill for us to promote local and budding artist
s as their careers expand.  Join us
DSL Camera
Color Palette
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Red Typewriter

Can being a creator make you a Millionaire?  I think we can make it happen.  And if I take 5% for helping you get there (instead of the reverse in publishing and entertainment where the artist gets 5% royalties) If I can help 2,000 people become millionaires, I would be a billionaire. Entertainment is a 2.6 trillion dollar industry.  Yeah.  Let's capture 2.6% of the market.


Author Training with Richard Paul Evans

With well over 40 New York Times Bestsellers, Richard knows how to get books to his audience.  His experience and success have given him invaluable wisdom that he is willing to share. 

The Author Ready Program is a compilation of that wisdom.  It has the content you need to launch you to the next level.

But even more valuable is the way he personally engages with aspiring authors.  He is a true mentor at heart.  Meet your new friend in the book business.

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