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Welcome to Stage One of my mastermind plan to take over the world.  My name is Janika.  I have delusions of grandeur.  But you've gotta have a delusion to make a delusion come true.

I see the real darkness in the world that has left so many hopeless.  Overwhelming lies and distractions keep us from taking action on real solutions.  We can change that.

I profoundly love people. I believe my  Four Needs Theory has the power to alter the course of history.  From personal pain to world problems are rooted in misunderstanding those needs.  Genuine joy and satisfaction come from fulfilling them.

My personal joy comes from empowering others to succeed.  I support authors, artists, and performers with ways to connect to their community and make money through their creations.

FOR THE LOVE OF supports intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being with books, toys, media, training, and merchandise that engage discovery, belonging, and ideals that give us space to discover who we are as individuals and who we can be together.

FOR THE LOVE OF products and collections are focused on supporting Authors, Artists, Musicians, and creators with a retail platform that maximizes creator profit with an outlet for independent expression.


Specialty merchandise helps fans recognize each other on the street and start conversations.  Be yourself and belong.

We believe in the power of learning.  We are creating a world where learning is fun, accessible, and engaging for all.

We also believe in the power of entertainment.  For good or ill, it is the great educator.  We promote and create entertainment that engages identity empowerment, stewardship, healthy relationships, and psychological well being.

Our online courses and content, in person classes, and live events support our mission to educate, entertain, and heal individuals, families, and communities.

We train and support artists, musicians, performers, and authors to overcome the "starving artist" trope.  Let us help you share your art and make a real living from your talents.

Creativity is what drives the economic engine.  We believe creators should be fairly compensated for their work.  Copyrights, patents, and licensing are powerful assets that allow creators--and even their heirs--long-term passive income.  We keep those assets in the hands of the creators, rather than shifting them to giant companies (i.e. Taylor Swift having her catalog sold out from under her, resulting in her back door master move to recreate her original albums.

We provide retail opportunities at minimal cost so artists can maximize their profits. Through cooperative alliance, we negotiate resource partnerships that allow creators time for their work, rather than being bogged down in business details.


For the love of God, let's make this world a better place.  For the love of yourself, your family, and your community, reach deep and reach high.  Through Love, all things are possible.

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