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Richard Paul Evans: Bestseller, Best Feller

With 46 New York Times Bestsellers and multiple awards, Being a great person is his greatest achievement. He truly inspires and empowers others to be their best selves.

Richard Paul Evans broke into the publishing world with his blockbuster hit, The Christmas Box, boosting the Christmas fiction genre like nothing before. He had no idea how that little story would give him power to change the world.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Richard often says, "You can tell more truth with fiction than you can with non-fiction." And he should know. He is one of the few authors in history to chart with both categories. Beyond that, within categories he covers multiple genres: Youth sci-fi, holiday romance (seven of which have been made into Hallmark movies or other feature films), Christian, finance, personal development, and others. How does he do that?

His secret possibly lies in his ability to make the mundane magical, and make magic realistic. For those who know him, he always has a story to tell. Those who have heard those stories, see how every book he publishes is woven with real people and experiences from his life. His characters are endowed with the wisdom of experience--the hallmark of a man who has pushed through serious challenges.

Approved for All Audiences

Challenges create choices. And Richard Paul Evans has chosen to turn his into compassion. In Michael Vey, he gave the superhero Tourretes Syndrome (which Richard has been afflicted with since he was eight years old). Young people with tourretes and Autism are among his most ardent fans.

But then, so are forty-year-old women. Again, How? His mother struggled with profound depression, so he is really tuned into the hopes and needs of women. His Christmas fiction characters reflect feminine complexity, yet his books satisfy a woman's simple need to feel heard and belong.

Although you don't see as many men at his book signings, those who do come have been profoundly transformed by Evans' books. Whether they have benefited from the financial perspective in The Five Lessons a Millionaire taught me, or the journey of self discovery in The Walk Series and the Broken Road Series, real life men are inspired to heal with powerful models of humble masculinity.

Oh, he has also written a handful of children's books. Kids like them, but the heartwarming themes make parents and grandparents love reading them out loud while they cuddle with their dear ones. His books since The Christmas Box carry the theme: time is short, hold them close, so it makes sense he would write books that give people a reason to do just that.

A Charitable Heart

But many children do not have parents that hold them close. Richard was overwhelmed by the size of his first check from his publisher (Simon & Schuster). He and his wife decided to use that money to establish the Christmas Box House for children in need of emergency foster care. With three care facilities in Utah and partner programs around the world, One man's heart has been a catalyst for so much help and healing--quantified in the hundreds of thousands.

Meeting him personally you see how much he really loves people. Misfits to power players feel connection with and respect for him. He recognizes his fans as the source of his success. Gratitude flows through every interaction, and loyalty gushes right back to him. That may be the real secret to his string of 46 New York Times bestsellers (as of the fall 2023 release of Michael Vey 9: The Traitor--he adds a couple to the list every year).

Another way he gives back is by sharing his expertise. His online courses, live trainings, and writing retreats have been a catalyst for hundreds of aspiring writers to become published authors in a remarkable, supportive community. Super bonus: he doesn't act like an online guru charging thousands of dollars, and his expertise is legitimate.

Enough About Richard, Let's Talk About Me

As the Founder of FOR THE LOVE OF, I must acknowledge how instrumental my association with the man has been in my growth and success.

I had not read any of his books when I learned about his Kyngdom Organizer program. My gut knew I needed this. Working through the program and helping him build that business, I felt, for the first time in my life, that my big visions were actually within reach. I took action and became a respected leader. I finally had tools and support to open the doors that had blocked me. I felt like I walked out of darkness into a golden field of real world dreams.

Participating in his Author Ready Program, I wanted to provide a platform and a retail outlet for the emerging authors I was getting to know. The internet is a really difficult place to stand out, so I created a kiosk book shop for exclusively local authors with some other fun merchandise. It was so satisfying to make new friends by helping authors make money.

I have had setbacks and challenges, but the feeling of finally becoming my true self stayed with me. None of us know how our influence will be received or how it will ripple, but I do what I do hoping to make the world a significantly better place. And I have a really good model to follow.

What About You?

Whether you have simple desires to do good things or a big vision to change the world, surrounding yourself with good people is the key to making a difference in your sphere of influence. Connect with us for the support you need. Live the life that belongs to you.

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